Black Friday Double Deal



Bring your Land Rover Discovery 3 or Range Rover Sport TDV6 to JGS4x4 and we will perform BOTH a Gearbox Flush AND a Monster Remap as a joint service - SAVING £60!

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Typical Examples of Power and Torques Increases

Discovery 2 2.5 TD5
Original BHP: 138
Tuned BHP: 162 = 17% Increase
Original Torque NM: 360
Tuned Torque NM: 420 = 24% Increase

An Engine Tuning Remap is when we rewrite the software on your engine's ECU to totally transform your Land Rover. The remap will improve the drivability of your Land Rover by safely gaining power and torque. The Engine Remap will also enhance the fuel economy to both diesel and petrol engines.

These are customized Engine Remaps specific to your Land Rover's needs. JGS4X4 can transform your vehicle's performance, making it more powerful, have more torque and achieve a better fuel economy.

One of our JGS4x4 technicians will connect to your vehicle's ECU or 'brain' with a laptop PC, through a diagnostic socket. The current engine management default program will be read from the car. Certain operating parameters including fuel pressure, boost pressure, timing, and others are adjusted and uploaded back to the ECU.

Once our technician has programmed the new optimised file into your vehicle you will then experience the amazing results!

On some vehicles, it is not possible to carry out this function via the diagnostic socket so in this case the ECU is removed and either a chip change or boot loading function is carried out, directly into the ECU. The final effect is exactly the same, only the process is slightly different.

The remap normally takes less than an hour to complete, and is a while you wait service.

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BLACK FRIDAY DOUBLE OFFER STAGE 2: Automatic Gearbox Fluid Flush

Is your auto gearbox slow at changing gear?
Juddering, hunting between gears or over-revving?
Then your auto box could benefit from an ATF mega flush and fluid change.

Most automatic gearboxes show signs of wear around 80,000 miles, however many owners are choosing the 'preventative measure' at lower mileage before the problems start to show.

Automatic gearboxes can be expensive to repair if they have not been maintained!

One of our experienced technicians will perform a full gearbox flush using the most advanced Fortron ATF technology. He will run a flushing detergent through the gearbox and exchange 100% of the total oil capacity! We use a flush additive to remove varnish and clean internal components. The old fluid is then removed and replaced simultaneously with ZX-6HP specification fluid. We also add a conditioner to the new ATF fluid which helps to maintain the fluid, gearbox, and seals in good condition.

Symptoms your gearbox needs a fluid change:

    1. Rough gear change during acceleration
    2. Slow or delayed gearshifts
    3. Noisy gear changes or loud transmission running noise
    4. An increase in transmission vibrations felt inside the vehicle.

Gearbox Flush Main Features:

    • Cleans and flushes the internal gearbox components.
    • Flushes out debris and contaminants
    • Removes over 99% of old, worn out fluid
    • Replaces exactly the same volume of new fluid
    • The correct ZF-6HP fluid is used

Benefits you will experience:

    • A smoother gear change
    • Reduced transmission noise
    • Easier gear selection
    • Reduced transmission vibrations
    • A faster upshift during acceleration
    • A healthy gearbox

Offer available on our first 10 bookings!
Land Rover Discovery 3 or Range Rover Sport TDV6  DOUBLE DEAL!
Automatic Gearbox Fluid Flush £260 & Monster Remap £249 usually costs £509

BLACK FRIDAY DOUBLE DEAL £449 - You save £60! 

How do I book?

BOTH services will be carried out by appointment at our JGS4X4 workshop near Kettering. We are just off the A14, Junction 9. The operation takes approx. 2 hours, and you are welcome to have a tea or coffee while the process being carried out.

This BLACK FRIDAY DOUBLE DEAL is available on
Land Rover Discovery 3 & Range Rover Sport TDV6

Call: 01536 647577

for further information or to book an appointment.

Too far to travel?

Why not buy a kit and service your Land Rover's gearbox yourself with this easy change filter conversion kit for
all vehicles using the ZF 6HP26 automatic transmission.

Models includes:  Discovery 3, Discovery 4, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover L322

Discovery 3 & 4 ZF 6HP26
Automatic Gearbox Metal Sump Filter ATF Fluid Kit

Sold out

Range Rover Sport ZF 6HP26
Automatic Gearbox Metal Sump Filter ATF Fluid Kit

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"Saved me getting a new gearbox fitted as my local garage advised. Nice to meet people who are open and honest and pleased to show you how the work is being done. I would thoroughly recommend JGS4X4"

Mrs Jisholm

"Delighted with the Monster Tuning Remap carried out by James at JGS4x4. A thoroughly nice and very knowledgeable guy, years of working on Land Rover's has given him plenty of knowledge. Gave my D2 a thorough health check, recommended that I keep an eye on a couple of things and change the air mass sensor soon as the readings seemed a bit wayward. Nice cup of tea and biscuits whilst I waited although it did not take long, less than an hour and the results are very impressive.”

Ade Webb

"My Range Rover sport had just reached 75,000 miles, I decided to have the ATF auto gearbox flush and new oil change. I must say I noticed the difference straight away, the gearbox changes up and down a lot quicker and smoother which in turn has improved the driving experience and fuel economy significantly. At a cost of £260, it's well worth it to safeguard against gearbox problems and wear in the future."

Gary Hall