Discovery 2 TD5 Front Propshaft Double Cardan Joint Repair Kit OEM

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Discovery 2 TD5 Front Prop Propshaft Shaft Double Cardan Joint Repair Kit OEM

Land Rover Discovery 2, TD5 and V8 models are fitted with a special front prop-shaft. This prop-shaft has 3 universal joints, 2 of which are mounted within a 'double cardan' type joint, there is also a special centring bearing within this joint.

The double cardan joint allows the prop-shaft to run smoother and at greater angles. Unlike the other universal joints used in most prop-shafts, the original universal joints are not greaseable, they do not have a grease nipple fitted and Land Rover consider them 'lubricated for life' and not a serviceable item!

As many Discovery owners do use their vehicle for off-roading it is inevitable that mud, sand, grit and water will get into the universal joints and they do wear out quicker because they cannot be greased. Worn out universal joints cause vibrations, knocks and clunks.

Up until now, the only option has been to replace the complete prop-shaft, the current price for a genuine Land Rover prop-shaft is around £380.00!!

This JGS4x4 Repair Kit allows you to replace the 3 universal joints with genuine GKN greaseable universal joints with grease nipples and the special centring bearing for double cardan joint

This is a standard duty kit, we also sell a Heavy Duty version.

Thousands Sold - Fits all Models - Diesel - Petrol - Manual and Automatic.

Suitable for the following models:

Land Rover: Discovery 2, All Models, 1998-2004