Range Rover Evoque Yellow Stuff Rear Brake Pad EBC

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Range Rover Evoque Yellow Stuff Rear Brake Pad EBC - DA4854

EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are British made and contain Aramid fibres. These are man-made high performance fibres, used widely for their light-weight, high strength, abrasion resistance and thermal stability. These properties provide advantages over cheaper steel fibre based products. Not only high in friction from first application when brakes are cold but extremely effective at higher brake temperatures as encountered in faster driving and towing/trailing. These pads are a favourite with the military and are used on armoured vehicles in several countries to handle the higher loads and heat and offer a good brake upgrade. Fitted with shims chamfers, centre slots and the unique EBC Brake in coating for fast bedding in of new brakes these pads are also long lasting and silent in operation.


  • Product Type: Brake Pad
  • Vehicle Placement: Rear


  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2012 onwards