T-MAX 12V Compressor HEAVY DUTY Adventurer 4x4 Tyre Air Pump With ARB Tyre Repair Kit

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T-MAX 12V Compressor HEAVY DUTY Adventurer 4x4 Tyre Air Pump + ARB Tyre Repair Kit

The T-Max 4x4 Adventurer is a high output 12 volt compressor is a heavy duty, portable air compressor, capable of inflating large tyres quickly. It will re-inflate 4 large 4x4 tyres in minutes and will easily go on to re-inflate your friends tyres too without stopping to cool like you have to with cheaper, inferior pumps.

Don't compare with the cheap plastic bodied pumps. These all-metal pumps are far superior and will last for years!

The ARB tyre repair kit lets you fix punctured tubeless tyres without removing the tyre allowing you to get moving again quickly.
Simply remove the nail, screw or whatever caused the puncture, clean the hole with the reaming tool and insert one of the adhesive repair cords with the special tool. Several cords can be inserted in larger holes.
Also contains a selection of regular patches for use on inner tubes.
This repair kit is designed to repair small holes in tubeless tyres in off-road' vehicles and is not intended for road going vehicles.

Kit Contains:
TYRE PRESSURE GAUGE Quality pencil type tyre gauge with dual pressure range and dual chuck.
INSERTION TOOL Spring steel insertion needle
LUBRICANT Jar of lubricant for easier insertion
VALVE accessORIES Additional valve accessories including valve core tool, spare valves and valve caps
REAMER TOOL Hardened steel reamer tool
REPAIR CORDS 30 self vulcanising repair cords for complete air sealing
ALLEN KEYS 2 Allen keys supplied for tool disassembly.
CARRY CASE Quality high visibility orange blow moulded case to keep contents protected

Pumps 160 Litres per minute 0 PSI (FAD Free Air Displacement).
Pumps 70 Litres per minute at 30 PSI.
Tested to inflate a 255/70R16 tyre from 0 PSI to 35 PSI in approximately 2 minutes 20 seconds.
Powerful 537 Watt (0.7 HP) permanent magnetic motor.
Pressure gauge has easy press air bleed-off button for easy tyre deflation.
Cast alloy air pump casting with cooling fins for quick heat dissipation.
Built-in air filter assures only clean air enters the unit for extended operation life.
Anti-Vibration rubber feet and alloy base tray keeps the compressor stable and separated from sand and dirt.
Very heavy duty 1.9 metre power lead with quality insulated battery clamps and 45 Amp reset circuit breaker button for added safety.
8 Metre yellow coiled air hose and pressure gauge comes with solid brass, snap-on fitting to the compressor and screw-on fitting to tyre valve.
Stainless steel pump valves and high performance PTFE piston ring.
Highly efficient gearless, direct drive design assures quiet operation.
Operating on/off switch.
Easy to use snap-on air outlet.
Three accessory nozzles included for pumping up inflatable air beds and sporting balls.
Portable carry and storage bag.

Maximum air flow: 160 Litres per minute
Voltage: DC 12 Volt
Motor output power: 537 W (0.7 HP)
Maximum amperage draw: 45 Amps
Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI
Cylinder diameter: 60mm
Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C
Minimum ambient temperature: -40°C
With amperage overload protector, Press to reset.

Size and Weight:
Weight: 8.4Kg
Length: 340mm
Width: 155mm
Height: 225mm
It is strongly recommended that this pump is only used with the engine running to prevent flattening the car battery.

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