T-MAX 12V Compressor HEAVY DUTY Portable 4x4 Tyre Air Pump With Tyre Repair Kit

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T-MAX 12V Compressor HEAVY DUTY Portable 4x4 Tyre Air Pump + Tyre Repair Kit

The T-Max 12 volt air compressor is a heavy duty, portable air compressor, capable of inflating large tyres quickly. Will easily pump an average 4x4 tyre from 15psi to 32psi in 1.5 minutes!

Do not compare with the cheap plastic bodied pumps. These all-metal pumps with stainless steel valves and high performance PTFE piston rings are far superior and will last for years! Direct gearless drive ensures quiet, smooth operation.
Comes complete with coiled yellow air hose and pressure gauge with a solid brass snap-on fitting to the compressor and secure screw-on fitting on the tyre valve fitting. Has a built-in tyre deflation valve feature. Comes with 3 nozzle adaptors for inflating air beds and inflatables. Heavy duty 2.4 metre power cord with battery clamps and in-line 30 amp fuse. Can be permanently mounted and hard wired if required. Supplied in handy canvas storage/carry bag.

The tyre repair kit lets you fix punctured tubeless tyres without removing the tyre allowing you to get moving again quickly.
Simply remove the nail, screw or whatever caused the puncture, clean the hole with the reaming tool and insert one of the adhesive repair cords with the special tool. Several cords can be inserted in larger holes.
Also contains a selection of regular patches for use on inner tubes.
This repair kit is designed to repair small holes in tubeless tyres in off-road' vehicles and is not intended for road going vehicles.

Kit Includes:
T Handled Reamer and Insertion Tool
30 Adhesive 'Sticks' or cords
Rubber Cement
Tyre Pressure Gauge
Repair patches

Max Air Flow: 72 litres p/minute, 50LPM @ 30PSI
Max Voltage: 13.8volt
Max Amp Draw: 30A
Max Working Pressure: 150 PSI
Max Restart Pressure: 200 PSI
Max Ambient Temperature: 60°C
Min Ambient Temperature: -40°C
Max Duty Cycle Time: 40 mins @ 30 PSI @ 22°C

Size and Weight:
Weight: 5Kg
Length: 270mm (+ 30mm with air filter attached)
Width: 140mm
Height: 185mm