Common Windscreen Wiper Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Windscreen Wiper Problems and How to Fix Them

Here’s a comprehensive guide on windscreen wiper problems and maintenance to keep your view clear during those rainy drives:

Common Windscreen Wiper Problems and How to Fix Them

1. Chattering Wipers

Issue: If your windscreen wipers are chattering or skipping across the glass, leaving streaks behind, it’s likely due to buildup on your windscreen.


Scrub and Wipe: Give your windscreen and wipers a thorough scrub to remove excess grease, wax, or oil.

Check Wiper Blades: Inspect your wiper blades for tears or poor contact with the windshield. If damaged, replace them.

2. Smearing Wipers

Issue: Smearing occurs when worn wiper blades fail to clear water effectively.


Regular Replacement: Wiper blades made of rubber wear out over time. Replace them approximately every six months.

Additional Tips:

Clean your windscreen with car shampoo and a mitt.

Wash your wipers with warm, soapy water, followed by rubbing alcohol.

Invest in better wiper fluid.

Consider treating your windshield with a water repellent.

3. Water Droplets That Won’t Wipe Away

Issue: In areas with high pollution, water droplets stick to dirt and grime on the windscreen, impairing visibility.


Thorough Cleaning: Clean your windshield using a windscreen cleaner.

Apply Windscreen Wax: After cleaning, apply windscreen wax and spread it evenly with a fresh microfiber cloth for longer-lasting water-repellent effects.

Remember, proper wiper maintenance ensures clear visibility and safer driving. If you encounter any issues, address them promptly to keep your windscreen crystal clear! ??

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