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International Shipping

International Shipping
The shipping information on this page is for buyers in countries outside of the United Kingdom.
For UK customers, please click the button below.
JGS4x4 ships orders daily to any of the European countries listed below.
JGS4x4 Land Rover Parts Shipped to Europe
Live Shipping Quotes
Our website provides a live quote for shipping costs at the cart based on the order cart items and destination before you get to the checkout stage. This is so you know the shipping costs before you commit to buy. No waiting or guessing as to what the shipping costs will be.

Shipping Rates
Shipping rates for standard-sized goods are calculated on the total weight of the order and the delivery country as shown in the table below.

Large or Heavy Items
Very occasionally there may be an extra surcharge for very large, oversized items to some countries, in which case we will contact you before shipping.
JGS4x4 International Shipping


Up to 2Kg

5-14 Days


Per 30Kg Parcel

Courier Shipping


Approx Customs Charge
(Recipient Pays on Delivery)
Local VAT Tax Rate
(Recipient Pays on Delivery)
Austria £11.00GBP £14.00GBP 3-4 Days €2-€10
Belgium £11.00GBP £14.00GBP 2-3 Days €0-€32 21%
Bulgaria £12.00GBP
2-3 Days €2-€7 20%
Canary Islands
- -
Croatia £11.00GBP
4-6 Days €5-€7 25%
Czech Republic £10.00GBP
3-4 Days €4-€8 21%
Denmark £11.00GBP £14.00GBP 3-4 Days 160 DKK
Estonia £12.00GBP
£32.00GBP 4-5 Days €10 20%
Finland £10.00GBP
4-5 Days €0 24%
France £10.00GBP
2-3 Days €12 20%
Germany £10.00GBP
2-3 Days €3-€15 19%
£12.00GBP £32.00GBP 4-5 Days
€15-€50 24%
Hungary £11.00GBP
4-5 Days €10-€30 27%
- - -
Ireland £11.00GBP £14.00GBP 2-3 Days €0 23%
Italy £11.00GBP £14.00GBP 3-4 Days €7.5-€15 22%
Latvia £10.00GBP
4-6 Days 1% / €2.5 21%
Lithuania £12.00GBP £32.00GBP 4-6 Days €9-€12 21%
Luxembourg £10.00GBP
2-3 Days €15 17%
- - -
Monaco -
- -
Netherlands £10.00GBP
2-3 Days €13 21%
4-6 Days 158-340NOK
Poland £11.00GBP
4-5 Days 18 PLN
Portugal £12.00GBP
4-5 Days CHECK 23%
Romania £12.00GBP £32.00GBP 4-6 Days 8 RON
- - -
Slovakia £12.00GBP
£18.00GBP 3-4 Days €3-€5 20%
Slovenia £12.00GBP £24.00GBP
4-5 Days €5-€13 22%
£11.00GBP £14.00GBP 3-4 Days €19-€30 21%
Sweden £12.00GBP
£18.00GBP 4-5 Days €7-€12 25%
£12.00GBP £35.00GBP 3-4 Days 16 CHF


(*1) Balearic Islands, Bosnia, Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway & Switzerland. Strictly no liquid products. No VAT is charged. Any customs charges or import duties/taxes are payable by the buyer.

(*2) Greece & Malta. Strictly no liquid products. Size restrictions apply.

(*3) Spain excludes Canary Islands and Balearic Islands

Important Notes
Balearic Islands, Bosnia, Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway & Switzerland. Strictly no liquid products.
Greece & Malta. Strictly no liquid products. Size restrictions apply, 1 Metre maximum length.
Spain excludes Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. Any orders where Spain is used as the country for a Spanish 
Ireland. Anything over 1 Metre liable to a handling surcharge of approx £20.00GBP
Please note: Any territorial countries and islands, for example Corsica, Sardinia, Melilla, Martinique, French Guiana, Faroe are not classed as Europe for shipping purposes.
! Important Information for EU Customers !
Since the United Kingdom left the European Union on January 1st 2021, JGS4x4 no longer has to charge customers outside of the United Kingdom VAT or Tax. However, some countries may charge you local taxes, customs charges and an admin fee at the time of delivery. This is beyond our control and varies between different countries. If you are unsure. Please check with your local authorities.

Customs Charges
Depending on the import rules and regulations in your country, you may be charged extra customs charges at the time of delivery. If you refuse to pay this, the courier may dispose of the goods and you will not be entitled to any refunds. If the goods are returned to JGS4x4, we have the right to refund you less the shipping and return costs and any admin fees.

EU Business Customers
If you are a business customer from the EU, you must enter your VAT or EORI number on your account details page. We check every order and if it looks like a business, we will not ship your order until you inform us of your VAT or EORI number. Failure to provide a VAT or EORI number could cause delays at customs and extra charges.
Worldwide Shipping
We have temporarily suspended all Worldwide Shipping outside of Europe due to the delays that Covid is causing.

If your country is not listed in the table above, we are unable to ship to you at this time.

We aim to resume Worldwide Shipping in March 2021.
JGS4x4 Land Rover Parts Worldwide Shipping