How Recovery Tracks Saved Our Motorhome From A Disaster During A Wet Easter Weekend in Wales!

How Recovery Tracks Saved Our Motorhome From A Disaster During A Wet Easter Weekend in Wales!

During the recent wet, soggy Easter weekend in Wales, our heavy motorhome was at risk of being swallowed by the mud. The relentless rain had transformed the picturesque Welsh countryside into a treacherous, slippery challenge.

When we arrived in the torrential rain we saw that the camping field was a soft, muddy mess, and our heavy motorhome was on the verge of sinking. Not only would we have been stuck, but we would have also left a messy site for others. Thankfully, our trusty Recovery Tracks came to the rescue.

These Recovery Tracks, made from heavy-duty, impact-resistant plastic, are not just for off-road enthusiasts. They're a game-changer for motorhomes and caravanners like us. 

Here's why they became our muddy saviours: 

Durability: The recovery tracks are made from reinforced nylon. They can withstand high temperatures, pressure, and unforgiving Welsh muddy grass! 

Traction and Stability: The unique honeycomb design provides excellent traction for tyres. The raised tracks prevent slipping or sinking into the ground, even in the muddiest conditions. 

Spade Mode: The recovery tracks also double as a spade, enabling you to dig loose sand and mud out of the way. 

We positioned the recovery tracks to park the front driving wheels on them. Fortunately, we could keep the rear wheels on slightly firmer ground. The tracks prevented the wheels from sinking into the soft ground, so we were soon back on solid ground when it was time to leave. 

So, dear fellow adventurers, invest in a set of Recovery Tracks. Whether you're exploring the Welsh hills or embarking on a desert safari, they'll be your trusty companions. As for us, we'll forever remember that wet Easter weekend when plastic tracks became our heroes.

11th Apr 2024 James

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