Defender 90 +2" Suspension Kit with Coil Springs and Super Gaz Shock Absorbers

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Land Rover Defender 90 Complete Suspension Kit with Coil Springs and Super Gaz Shock Absorbers - DA4286MD

A complete kit of heavy duty, plus 2" medium load front and rear coil springs and Super Gaz shock absorbers.

Britpart Super Gaz Shock Absorbers - Vast improvement in ride quality & damping performance!

Britpart Super Gaz Shock Absorbers offer a 35mm bore tube filled with Fuchs shock absorber fluid, using the best seal available, single piece eye rings, polyurethane bush mounts and a very durable powder coated finish. These offer a vast improvement in ride quality and damping performance.

Coil Springs - The right choice when replacing the old sagging original springs!

Britpart performance springs are high quality, versatile and competitively priced - the right choice when replacing the old sagging original springs.
Developed by one of the world's top spring manufacturers these high quality, powder coated yellow springs have been designed with the needs of today's Land Rover owners in mind. Britpart performance lifted springs have the added benefit of improving your vehicles approach and departure angles which in turn allows you to overcome more obstacles when off-roading.

As Land Rovers are often working vehicles as well as the family car, uprated springs must offer the ability to carry loads, handle off-road terrain and provide a good ride on road. The progressive springs offer a compliant ride when lightly loaded, but firm up as the load increases.

Kit Contains:
2 x Plus 2" Front Coil Springs.
2 x Front Shock Absorbers.
2 x Plus 2" Rear Coil Springs.
2 x Rear Shock Absorbers.

Suitable for the following Land Rover models:
Defender 90, All models (NOT 110, 130)
Discovery 1, All models, 1989-1998.
Range Rover Classic, All models, 1985-1995

Fitting Tip:

Front Springs are the shorter ones. The rear springs are taller and progressive. Keep springs in the boxes until fitting to avoid getting them mixed up!