Defender Discovery 1 & 2 Prop Shaft Nut & Bolt Kit x8

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Land Rover Defender Discovery 1 & 2 Prop Shaft Nut & Bolt Kit x8

A pack of 8 new, special bolts and lock nuts to both ends of nearly All Land Rover prop-shafts, both front and rear on just about All Land Rover models as listed below.
These are an unusual size bolt and usuAlly end up getting chewed up when removing the prop-shaft. The proper prop-shaft bolts must be fitted for safety reasons, never use a standard type bolt and always fit a new locknut. The bolts for the transfer box end are longer than the axle/differential end.

Kit contains:
4 x Long bolts
4 x Short bolts
8 x Nylock locknuts.

Quality replacement parts, equivalent to Land Rover part numbers: Bolt: 509045 FRC3602 Nut:NZ606041L

Suitable for the following models:
Land Rover: Series 2a, 3, All models
Land Rover: Defender, All models
Land Rover: Discovery 1, All models, 1989-1998
Land Rover: Discovery 2, All models, 1998-2004
Land Rover: Range Rover Classic, All models, Up To 1995
Land Rover: Range Rover P38 All models, 1995-2002