Land Rover One Shot Swivel Hub Grease Bottle

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Many Land Rovers suffer from leaking swivel seals on the front axles.

The seals fail causing the oil to weep out, if bad enough this can be an MOT failure.

Replacing the swivel seals is a challenging, complicated and costly job.

A practical alternative is to drain the oil and replace with swivel grease, this is the same type of grease that Land Rover use on newer vehicles to prevent leakage.

This is a special grease that is semi-fluid so it lubricates but is less likely to leak.

Supplied in a handy bottle dispenser with a nozzle to inject into the fill plug on the swivels. Each bottle contains 370g and is the correct amount for one swivel.

Not recommended for older series Models without CV joints in the front axle.

A quality replacement part, equivalent to Land Rover part number: STC3435

Suitable for the following Land Rover models:
Defender, All Models, 1983-2016
Discovery 1, All Models, 1989-1998
Range Rover Classic, All Models, 1970-1994

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