*NEW* G4 GAP IID Tool Land Rover Diagnostic Bluetooth Code Reader

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  • JGS4x4 | *NEW* G4 GAP IID Tool Land Rover Diagnostic Bluetooth Code Reader
  • *NEW* G4 GAP IID Tool Land Rover Diagnostic Bluetooth Code Reader
  • *NEW* G4 GAP IID Tool Land Rover Diagnostic Bluetooth Code Reader
  • *NEW* G4 GAP IID Tool Land Rover Diagnostic Bluetooth Code Reader
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With Diagnostic Over IP (DoIP) and CAN Bus capabilities

The GAP IIDTool G4 tool is the very latest, ultimate diagnostic tool for DIY and professional use offering a level of functionality which previously has only been available in equipment which is far more expensive.

Suitable for 2017 and newer models. Will work on older models but the original G3 version would be cheaper and more suitable.

We use a Pro version of the IIDTool in our own workshops, it is a brilliant tool, very easy to use and also very comprehensive. It also has the advantage of being small and light, fits easily in the glove-box so is always at hand and compatible with all the latest Apple and Android phones. With todays modern Land Rover's, it makes sense to carry one of these with you on every trip!

The standard diagnostic functions are VIN lock free, this means you can use it on any Land Rover model, as many times as you like for standard fault code reading. But the more advanced functions such as ECU flashing and programming are VIN locked to one vehicle.

The GAP IIDTool is compatible with iOS, Android (IIDControl App), PC and MAC (IIDUpdater).

Features of this tool include fault code reading and clearing, service reset, suspension calibration, live data display, manual component activation, system configuration, personalisation and much more..

Supported vehicle list:
New Defender L663 2020+
Discovery3/LR3 L319 2004-09
Discovery4/LR4 L319 2010 and up, with optional adapter or OBD mod*
New Discovery/5 L462 2017 and up
Discovery Sports L550 2015-2019, with optional adapter or OBD mod*
Discovery Sports L550 2020 and up
Freelander 2/LR2 L359 2008-2015
Range Rover L322 2010-2012,with optional adapter or OBD mod*
Range Rover L405 2014-2016, with optional adapter or OBD mod*
Range Rover L405 2017 and up
Range Rover Sport L461 2023 and up
Range Rover Evoque L538 2011-2019, with optional adapter or OBD mod*
Range Rover Evoque L551 2019+
Range Rover Sport L320 2005-2013*
Range Rover Sport L494 2014-2016, with optional adapter or OBD mod*
Range Rover Sport L494 2017 and up
Range Rover Sport L461 2023 and up
Range Rover Velar L560 2018 and up

*With optional adapter or OBD modification which consist of removing wires from position 12 and 13 of the OBD connector. These wires are not used by any diagnostic tools thus no inconvenient in removing them.

Range Rover L322 2002-2009 and Defender L316 2007-2015 are not supported by the G4. Please consider the original G3 for these vehicles.

The GAP IIDTool has full diagnostic capability which includes:
Faults read / clear of all vehicle systems
Service routines including service reminder reset
Live data
Manual components activation (Output control)

The Advanced Programming Functions are VIN locked and include:
Vehicle control modules software updates (ECU Re-flashing)
Engine tuning, EGR Patching, Speed limiter raising and more
Car configuration / personalisation (CCF editing)
Height adjustment (front, rear or all)
Suspension individual sensor calibration (needed after a repair)
Backup of original height and CCF values
3 personalised height profiles

The GAP IIDTool also has multi-vehicle support, integrated interface. This integrated interface allows for more in-depth diagnostic capabilities and added functionality. 

Compatible with Apple mobile devices running on OS 11 onwards. Android devices fitted with a Bluetooth V4.2 transceiver and running on OS 8 or higher. Low cost generic Android devices rarely work.

The iOS/Android Application includes the following features:
Easy access to all Diagnostic and Programming functions
Email exportation of faults, live data and ECU info
Real-time logging of live data
Up to 8 live data values displayed simultaneously on graph and numerical views
Plus much, much more...

Updates are free with the GAP IIDTool!!

If you are unsure of a specific function of the GAP Diagnostic tool, please contact GAP Diagnostics directly for information on its use and features BEFORE purchasing. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for GAP Diagnostic tools once they have been activated on the car.


For more information, user manual and quick start guides go to www.gap-diagnostic.com

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24 MONTHS - This product is covered by the manufacturer's standard 24 month warranty against material defects and workmanship.
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