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Range Rover P38 EGR Removal Blanking Delete Kit 2.5TD BMW Diesel ALLISPORT

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Does your Range Rover P38 2.5DT suffer from hesitation and a flat spot?
Do you feel the engine is being restricted?
Is your engine less responsive than it used to be?
Belching out black smoke?

Your engine could be suffering from a faulty EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve. The EGR valve is a very crude device that diverts spent, hot, exhaust gases back into the inlet manifold to dilute the fresh clean combustion air. We all know that to get maximum performance and economy from a diesel engine, you need to get as much air as possible into the combustion chambers. All modern diesel engines use a turbocharger to compress and force more air into the engine. But compressing air heats it up and makes it expand, this is where the intercooler or charge cooler comes into effect. It cools down the compressed air making it more dense so that the maximum amount of air or more importantly oxygen can be forced into the cylinders so that the injected diesel fuel can be burnt more efficiently, producing more power and better economy.

The EGR valve does it's very best to counteract all the things required for maximum performance and economy. The first thing is the actual physical restriction the EGR valve causes downstream of the turbo and intercooler. When the EGR valve opens it allows hot exhaust gases and carbon to flow into the cold, compressed air, making it less dense and diluting the oxygen within that air. At the same time it is robbing the turbocharger of hot exhaust gases to maintain the boost pressure. The exhaust gases and carbon coat the inlet pipes and manifold with a tarry substance that can also restrict air flow. And all this is happening when the EGR valve is working correctly!

If, as quite often happens, the EGR valve fails, it usually remains open all the time robbing the engine of power. This can cause a noticeable loss in power, an increase in smoke and reduced fuel economy.

The best solution is to remove the EGR valve completely, this kit, manufactured by Allisport is all you need to remove the EGR valve, safely and easily from your Range Rover P38 with the BMW 2.5TD diesel engine. Please check your model has an EGR valve before buying, some early models do not have them fitted.

Reduce Smoke
Increase Power
Increase Torque
Increase MPG
Improves Drivability
Can be easily fitted by a competent DIY mechanic, if you have any doubts how to fit this kit, seek professional advice.

Suitable for the following models:
Land Rover: Range Rover P38, 2.5DT, 1995-2002, BMW M51

From May 2018 the MOT rules in the UK are changing! Amongst the stricter rules are new legislation regarding emissions including DPF's and EGR systems. Any modifications/removal to emissions related devices, this includes DPF’S and EGR’s is now a major fail.

During an MOT test, the tester can only do a visual check of the emissions systems, the MOT tester is not permitted to remove covers or guards to make an inspection.

You need to be aware of this before removing or modifying any emissions related devices on your car.

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Warranty Information

24 MONTHS - This product is covered by the manufacturer's standard 24 month warranty against material defects and workmanship.
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Additional Information

Compatible Vehicles:
Land Rover Range Rover P38
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